The De Kelders PRIVATE retreat, near Gansbaai, has a spirit of quiet kindness, thoughtful generosity and relaxed ease where there is space for both lively conversation and rejuvenating silence. Living in De Kelders is like living in an eternal Sunday; nothing is open, the streets are empty and everything is peaceful.

Designer Neil Stemmet of koncept design and architecture www.konceptdesign.co.za designed the home to complement the laid-back yet incredibly sophisticated style of this beach home in De Kelders. Just because a house at the sea doesn’t mean it needs to look like a beach house, yet the luxury of coastal solitude and stillness runs like a thread through Neil’s home. He pays homage to authenticity, to the return to real quality, intuitive design, all while celebrating uniquely crafted items. In a noisy world of consumerism, of acceleration and information bombardment, his home stands as a beacon of Zen, where he continuously finds fresh inspiration, where he allows himself to be free of dictation of trends, where he can be real