De Kelders Private Retreat

Gansbaai, South Africa | Luxury Accommodation

“The house evolved around what is special to us: privacy, space, views without being viewed, the flow of air, being able to watch the reflection of the moon on the ocean and sleep with the windows open.”

All rooms lead to the spacious 180m-squared guest area with a full library of books, magazines, DVD’s and CD’s to entertain and provide escape. In winter the large combustion fireplace is the centre of the beautiful lounge, where hours can be spent talking or just sitting and enjoying the luxury of privacy. Many guests have mentioned The Retreat as a place where they can relax in a homely environment and enjoy personalized home comforts. Guests have the privacy and reign to enjoy The Retreat as if in their own home.

The connected dining area offers an ambience in which to enjoy freshly prepared local cuisine and aromatic wines. The simple Overberg dinners are made with fresh ingredients that are sourced from the garden, local farmers and the sea.

The 80m squared outside terrace has a wonderful lounge area to relax in with your favorite book. Breakfast is served at the outside terrace table or at individual smaller tables. The simple breakfasts are a highlight for patrons, the kitchen staff prepare nearly all the offerings on the breakfast table.

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Niël Stemmet


C/O Main and Guthrie road
35 Main road, De Kelders Gansbaai
Overberg South Africa